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Why all late projects are the same

Just read an astonishing article by Tom DeMarco¬†(PDF here) on why “All late projects are the same”. It’s just amazing. Had some great insights. Some highlights: All projects that finish late have this one thing in common: they started late. This sounds really, really obvious at first, but it isn’t. Tom defines two underlying reasons for not starting a project early: Nobody had the guts to kick off the project until the competition proved it doable and desirable; by then, […]

Russell Ackoff: systems thinking and brain surgery

I stumbled upon this really cool post on Jason’s Montague blog, talking about systems thinking – a fascinating subject that I’m really into lately. On his post, Jason talks about Russell Ackoff, and Ackoff’s approach to systems thinking. I’ve been familiarized with Russell’s work for a while, and ¬†I have three videos that I’d like to share about his work. They’re part of one lecture Russell gave a while ago, and while the audio quality is miserable, I found a […]

When you are struggling: what agile is really about

We need to go back to basics: get out of the process! Since the early release of the agile manifesto, much have been said about what agile is really about. People have fought epic battles over whether distributed team works or not, whether it is Scrum or Kanban, Lean, DSDM or Crystal Clear the “right” choice, whether the standup daily meeting has to be held when the sunshines or when the sunsets, and so on. Much energy has been spent […]

Pointless product design: It’s not about velocity

I’ve started to wrap up some ideas for a blog post when I had a conversation with Jeff Patton about product design, while he were in Brazil with Globo.com doing some consulting work. Patton’s specialty is on product design, and he has some pretty good ideas about how to handle it – I’ll probably talk a little more about his ideas on another post – and I kind of had an epiphany when I saw the following tweet by Jeff: […]