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Why all late projects are the same

Just read an astonishing article by Tom DeMarco¬†(PDF here) on why “All late projects are the same”. It’s just amazing. Had some great insights. Some highlights: All projects that finish late have this one thing in common: they started late. This sounds really, really obvious at first, but it isn’t. Tom defines two underlying reasons for not starting a project early: Nobody had the guts to kick off the project until the competition proved it doable and desirable; by then, […]

Russell Ackoff: systems thinking and brain surgery

I stumbled upon this really cool post on Jason’s Montague blog, talking about systems thinking – a fascinating subject that I’m really into lately. On his post, Jason talks about Russell Ackoff, and Ackoff’s approach to systems thinking. I’ve been familiarized with Russell’s work for a while, and ¬†I have three videos that I’d like to share about his work. They’re part of one lecture Russell gave a while ago, and while the audio quality is miserable, I found a […]